Sentence Examples with the word detested

He then went to Macedonia, where he made himself so detested by his oppression and extortions that he left the province, and was accused in Rome (59) both of having taken part in the conspiracy and of extortion in his province.

The king detested it, and the assumption by the Whig houses of a right to nominate the head of the government BIll without reference to the national interests, could never be popular.

The king, himself a man of orderly life, detested him as a gambler and a rake.

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Originally accepted as a political necessity, he soon came to be detested by the people as a tyrant and despised by the nobles for his cowardice and sloth.

Hassenpflug, being detested by the chamber, dissolved it in June 1850; but the new one was not less hostile, and refused to sanction the collection of the taxes until it had considered the budget.

For Tacitus the prospect is not wholly cheerless, the detested tyranny was at an end, and its effects might disappear with a more beneficent rule.

The Netherlanders detested the Spaniards and everything Spanish, and this foreign mercenary force, together with the new bishops, was looked upon as part of a general plan for the gradual overthrow of their rights and liberties.

Found a very willing minister for foreign affairs in the person of the marquis de la Vega de Armijo, who cordially detested France and cared as little for Great Britain.

Though feeding largely on worms and insects they ravage gardens and fields, on which account they are detested by the colonists.

Gustavus's prompt dismissal of the generally detested Gustaf Reuterholm added still further to his popularity.