Sentence Examples with the word deterioration

There is a deterioration in the diction as well as in the music of poetry.

We're testing the growth reactions or rate of deterioration of various organics exposed to a variety of energy and magnetic sources.

Most metals when molten are capable of dissolving at least small proportions of carbon, which, in general, leads to a deterioration in metallicity, except in the case of iron, which by the addition of small percentages of carbon gains in elasticity and tensile strength with little loss of plasticity (see Iron).

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The presence in a metal of even small proportions of arsenide generally leads to considerable deterioration in mechanical qualities.

In 1856 she published Dred; a Tale of the Dismal Swamp, in which she threw the weight of her argument on the deterioration of a society resting on a slave basis.

Vegetable and other oils rapidly penetrate caoutchouc and lead to deterioration of its properties.

He was obliged to resign from his diocese due to a deterioration in his health.

These enenlies are as a rule so conspicuous that we do not look on their depredations as diseases, though the gradual deterioration of hay under the exhausting effects of root-parasites like Rhinanthus, and the onslaught of Cuscuta when unduly abundant, should teach us how unimportant to the definition the question of size may be.

Only within the past few years have stores been established in the foreign settlements for the sale of silver utensils, and already the workmanship on these objects displays palpable signs of the deterioration which all branches of Japanese art have undergone in the attempt to cater for foreign taste.

It cannot be denied that there has been actual deterioration of the native races, and elimination in their numbers, consequent upon contact with Europeans and Americans (see further, Polynesia).