Sentence Examples with the word deter

No public supply should be open to any such doubt as ought to, or may, deter people from drinking the water without previous domestic filtration or boiling.

It's my responsibility to monitor and deter them in the mortal world, Rhyn said.

The Scots had so handled their enemies that they could not or dared not pursue their advantage; on the other hand, it was long indeed before the memory of Flodden ceased to haunt the Scots and deter them from invading England in force.

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He takes a keen interest in nature, and in the natural sciences, studying them in a way that was then new in Rome, while the small esteem in which studies of this kind were held does not deter him from endeavouring to be of service to his fellow countrymen (xxii.

The vestments had been stored there since the time of the first high priest named Hyrcanus, and Herod had taken them over along with the tower, thinking that his possession of them would deter the Jews from rebellion against his rule.

Its purpose in all probability was, in the first instance, to exhibit to the Babylonian Jews the overwhelming power of Rome and so to deter them from repeating the futile revolt of the Jews of Palestine.

The failure of Jaureguy did not deter a young Catholic zealot, by name Balthazar Gerard, from attempting to assassinate the man whom he looked upon as the arch-enemy of God and the king.

He might deter the muggers and rapists, but he attracts people like Michael.

Dean explained her reaction to the news, but that did nothing to deter Fred from his steadfast opinion.

To combat or deter an adversary using cyberspace tools is predicated on their being as reliant on information technologies as we are.