Sentence Examples with the word detention

It was now proposed to do the same thing for the whole of Ireland, the power of detention to continue until the 30th of September 1882.

As early as 1657 criminals were banished to the island by the Dutch authorities at Cape Town; it has also served as the place of detention of several noted Kaffir chiefs.

His wild extravagance, however, forced his father to forestall his creditors by securing his detention in semi-exile in the country, where he wrote his earliest extant work, the Essai sur le despotisme.

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He dissociated himself more and more from the principles of the Mountain, and he voted for the king's detention during the war and subsequent banishment.

The interest of the place centres in its abbey, which since 1804 has been utilized and abused as a central house of detention for convicts.

The lords opposed to Somerset ordered his detention on the 10th of October, and in November he was in the Tower.

In 1901 Bellary was chosen as one of the places of detention in India for Boer prisoners of war.

Since that date the habeas corpus ad subjiciendum has been used in cases of illegal detention in private custody.

A little later he sent a protest to England against the commercial blockade and the detention of cargoes bound for neutral ports.

The place of detention of political prisoners.