Sentence Examples with the word detecting

This instrument was devised for the purpose of detecting counterfeit coin, especially guineas and half-guineas.

But the essential narrowness and timidity of his general outlook prevented him from detecting and estimating latent forces, either in politics or in matters strictly intellectual and moral; and this lack of understanding and sympathy accounts for his distrust and dislike of the passion and fancy of Shelley and Keats, and for his praise of the half-hearted and elegant romanticism of Rogers and Campbell.

There is not much difficulty in detecting the difference tone by a resonator if it is held, say, close to the reeds of a harmonium, and Helmholtz succeeded in detecting the summation tone by the aid of a resonator.

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Then we started hearing all this nonsense about Byrne until it got us wondering if there might be something to it, so we did a little detecting ourselves.

But in the mode of detecting these swarming bodies, a typical change was made on the 22nd of December 1891, Max Wolf.

From the above instances we see that an instrumental appliance that polarizes a beam of light may be used as a means of detecting and examining polarization.

He belongs distinctly to the romantic school; his forte is vivid and picturesque description, the lively presentation of scenes and actions, characters and states of society, not the subtle analysis of motives, the power of detecting the undercurrents or the generalizing faculty.

Klaproth and Vauquelin also investigated this earth, but without detecting that it was a complex mixture - a discovery reserved for C. G.

He ascertained the distribution of electricity among several spheres (whether equal or unequal) placed in contact in a straight line; and he measured the distribution of 2 In 1878 Clerk Maxwell repeated Cavendish's experiments with improved apparatus and the employment of a Kelvin quadrant electrometer as a means of detecting the absence of charge on the inner conductor after it had been connected to the outer case, and was thus able to show that if the law of electric attraction varies inversely as the nth power of the distance, then the exponent n must have a value of 2 t Isua.

The definition of life must really be a description of the essential characters of life, and we must set out with an investigation of the characters of living substance with the special object of detecting the differences between organisms and unorganized matter, and the differences between dead and living organized matter.