Sentence Examples with the word detailing

After pleasantries I launched into a recap of our West Virginia weekend, detailing all we'd discovered.

Maybe I was more interested in detailing your human weakness than in understanding what your instincts told you.

Jonny sent another note, this one detailing the activities of Ashley's day down to the license plate number of the friend Ashley ditched school to meet.

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IX.-XI.); another, of the XIIth Dynasty, contains a remarkable inscription detailing the contracts made by the nomarch with the priests of the temples of Ophois and Anubis for perpetual services at his tomb (see Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Historical Documents, vol.

Meanwhile it was at least necessary to evolve some plan of action, and on the 8th of April the adjutant-general addressed a memorandum to the secretary of state for war detailing the measures required for placing 6500 British troops in the neighborhood of Shendi.

Dean filled in Lieutenant Leland Anderson on the happenings of the day, detailing his conversations with Cynthia Byrne and her husband's employer.

Black leather and detailing everywhere.

Upon entering, Frederick wrote two notes, one for the Exemplars, detailing Victor's location, and one for his wife.

Lana read through one detailing the intent to attack using a secret weapon.

It was an abridged version, excluding any mention of last night's session at Lydia's apartment but detailing the missing bones and Dean's suspicion concerning Billy Langstrom's death.