Sentence Examples with the word detach

It had already reached the edge of the Ligny battlefield when the counter-order arrived, and conceiving that he was still under Marshal Ney (for the officer who bore the pencil-note directing Ney to detach Quatre Bras.

Menshikov relied apparently on being able to detach his reserves to cope with them, but the assailants moved with a rapidity which he had not counted upon, and the Russians only came into action piecemeal in this quarter.

North of the plateau rises a well-watered and undulating belt of country, into which run low ranges of limestone hills, sometimes arid, sometimes covered with dwarf-oak, and often shutting in, between their northern and north-eastern flank and the main mountain-line from which they detach themselves, rich plains and fertile valleys.

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At this time, as his own papers in the Spanish archives show, he took an oath of allegiance to Spain and began to intrigue with his fellow-Kentuckians to detach the western settlements from the Union and bring them under the influence of the Louisiana authorities.

Meanwhile he sought to detach Great Britain and Austria from the alliance.

Their recollection of his conduct during the congress of Chatillon was the determining fact at this crisis; his professions at Lyons or Paris had not the slightest effect; his efforts to detach Austria from the coalition, as also the feelers put forth tentatively by Fouche at Vienna, were fruitless.

The fracture is perfectly conchoidal, so that blows with a hammer detach flakes which have convex, slightly undulating surfaces.

Unable to detach the congregation from the teacher, Darby began a rival assembly.

It is necessary to detach the young oysters from the tiles when they are nearly a year old (detroquage): this could not be done without destroying the oysters if they were attached directly to the surface of the tile.

These static and kinetic conditions succeed each other rapidly, and the result is to detach or throw off from the antenna semi-loops of electric force, which move outwards in all directions and are accompanied by expanding circular lines of magnetic force.