Sentence Examples with the word dessert

Jujube fruits when carefully dried will keep for a long time, and retain their refreshing acid flavour, on account of which they are much valued in the countries of the Mediterranean region as a winter dessert fruit; and, 1 The med.

Sean was supposed to serve her dessert laced with a sedative, so they could drug her and take her back to the station for questioning.

The following is a selection of good varieties of plums, with their times of ripening: - Dessert Plums. e.

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She tasted sweet, as if she'd snagged a bite of dessert from the caterers before coming up to gloat.

They rejoined the group as Sarah passed out dessert and coffee.

They still manufacture quantities of tea and coffee sets, and dinner or dessert services of red-and-gold porcelain for foreign markets; but about 1885 some of them made zealous and patient efforts to revert to the processes that won so much fame for the old Kutaniyaki, with its grand combinations of rich, lustrous, soft-toned glazes.

She wasn't sure why he'd care if she ate or took her dessert home.

Cynthia offered the dessert but, surprisingly, Fred declined.

When the last of the dessert was scraped away, Coach Grayson, in his ever-present baseball cap and sweatshirt, entered the restaurant.

The dessert was an almond sponge studded with dark morello cherries in a sweet almond pastry base.