Sentence Examples with the word despondent

In spite of all its inaccuracies and exaggerations the book served a useful purpose in reviving the self-respect of a despondent people.

He at once proceeded to put fresh life into the despondent and irresolute Conservative party, and the Magyar aristocracy, by gallantly combating in the Vilag the opinions of Kossuth's paper, the Pesti Hirlap. But the multiplicity of his labours was too much for his feeble physique, and he died on the 9th of February 1842, at the very time when his talents seemed most indispensable.

Already in this play Ford exhibits the singular force of his pathos; the despondent misery of the aged Meleander, and the sweetness of the last scene, in which his daughter comes back to him, alike go to the heart.

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They all stood despondent and silent.

In his law practice he had disappointed himself and his friends, and he became despondent as to his future.

But the task entrusted to him was a most difficult one: the army disorganized, the treasury empty, the people despondent if not actively disloyal, and he himself reviled, misunderstood, and, like his father,.

I could not be despondent while I anticipated the delight of talking to my mother and reading her responses from her lips.

The situation in Piedmont was far from promising, the exchequer was empty, the army disorganized, the country despondent and suspicious of the king.