Sentence Examples with the word despoiled

Under the Quaker Act of 1662 and the Conventicle Act of 1664 a number were transported out of England, and under the last-named act and that of 1670 (the second Conventicle Act) hundreds of households were despoiled of all their goods.

By the marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine with Henry Plantagenet, the countship passed under the suzerainty of the kings of England, but at the same time it was divided, William VII., called the Young (1145-1168), having been despoiled of a portion of his domain by his uncle William VIII.,called the Old,who was supported by Henry II.

During the guardianship of his mother, Liutgardis, the boy was despoiled of almost all his possessions, except Kennemerland and Maasland.

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He despoiled the Armenian Church, and was credited with being accessory to the Kishinev massacres.

Its holders, towards the end of the 12th century, were despoiled of the temporal power in the town by the counts of Toulouse.

The first was in the time of Jehoiachin in 597 B.C., when the temple of Jerusalem was partially despoiled and a number of the leading citizens removed.

Its ruins are not very extensive, though they may have been despoiled for building the great Saracenic Khan from which they take their name.

When, later, they migrated, they despoiled the sacred place and carried off the gods and priest to their newly won home at Laish.

But in 1570 the island was taken by the Turks; and Antonio Davila, the father of the historian, had to leave it, despoiled of all he possessed.

For the many favours he had received, including his marquisate, of which the brother was despoiled for his benefit, was led in 1536 to betray his country, being scared by the glorious prophecies of the ultimate success of Charles V.