Sentence Examples with the word despised

It was evident that Kutuzov despised cleverness and learning and even the patriotic feeling shown by Denisov, but despised them not because of his own intellect, feelings, or knowledge--he did not try to display any of these--but because of something else.

A'Ran despised the words the moment he heard them.

You may have known your neighbor yesterday for a thief, a drunkard, or a sensualist, and merely pitied or despised him, and despaired of the world; but the sun shines bright and warm this first spring morning, recreating the world, and you meet him at some serene work, and see how it is exhausted and debauched veins expand with still joy and bless the new day, feel the spring influence with the innocence of infancy, and all his faults are forgotten.

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They were fighting, in fact, against the despised and hated Arabs, in defence of their holiest possessions, their nationality and their faith.

His ambition was boundless and no means, however perfidious, were despised by him.

Himself well trained in the learning and medical science of the day, he despised and trampled upon all traditional and authoritative teachings.

He despised all trickery and selfish greed.

We all liked New England but Quinn in particular, despised the high taxes of his home state.

Dean despised gin even when properly mixed but forced a smile as he drank it straight and warm.

They despised riches not less than pleasure; neither poverty nor wealth was observable among them; at initiation every one gave his property into the common stock; every member in receipt of wages handed them over to the funds of the society.