Sentence Examples with the word designer

These stresses will be unknown quantities, which the designer cannot take into account, and such a combination should if possible be avoided.

Most wore trendy boots and coats, sat in designer jeans and sweaters worth a month of her salary, and wore make- up that coordinated perfectly with their expensive clothing and hair.

Three men stood in the main foyer, two in the same shade of brown as her bodyguard and a striking man in designer jeans and an expensive sweater.

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Perhaps the first actual designer to make a lasting impression on the crafts was Thomas Jeckyll, some of whose work, including gates for Sandringham, was exhibited in 1862.

The gueridon is still occasionally seen in something approaching its original form; but it had no sooner been introduced than the artistic instinct of the French designer and artificer converted it into a far worthier object.

She owned every designer on the planet and made Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City look like an amateur.

In Switzerland roads are divided into three classes according to their importance, and the following loads are prescribed, the designer having to provide sufficient strength either for a uniformly distributed crowd, or for a heavy wagon anywhere on the roadway: - In England still larger loads are now provided for.

Arras of large dimensions, showing remarkable workmanship and grand combinations of colors, is now manufactured in KiOto, the product of years of patient toil on the part of weaver and designer alike.

Another of the leading architects of the next stage of the Renaissance was the Veronese Michele Sanmichele (1484-1559), a great military engineer, and designer of an immense number of magnificent palaces in Verona and other cities of Venetia.

There are many and varied forms of bracing, each designer adopting methods peculiar to his own ideas.