Sentence Examples with the word designated

He was able to ski from the summit, but only on those slopes and trails designated blue or green, novice or intermediate.

Such foundations had been created from the earliest times, and the execution of the testator's wishes was generally left to his descendants, under the supervision of some high official designated in the act of endowment.

HARE, the name of the well-known English rodent now designated Lepus europaeus (although formerly termed, incorrectly, L.

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Other parts of the river were colonized by peasants who emigrated with government aid, and were bound to settle in villages, along the Amur, at spots designated by officials.

Particular Christians were designated to take charge of the services, and orders of worship were framed out of which grew ultimately elaborate liturgies (see Liturgy).

All those who in the middle ages denied the substantial presence of the body and blood of Christ in the eucharist were commonly designated Berengarians.

He was designated by Gregory as one of four men most worthy to succeed him, and, after a vacancy of more than five months following the decease of Victor III., he was elected pope on the 12th of March 1088 by forty cardinals, bishops, and abbots assembled at Terracina, together with representatives of the Romans and of Countess Matilda.

Public opinion, it may be declared, designated Ferdinand de Lesseps as the head of the enterprise.

The antagonists met in debate at seven designated places in the state.

In ancient geometry the name was restricted to the three particular forms now designated the ellipse, parabola and hyperbola, and this sense is still retained in general works.