Sentence Examples with the word desiderata

No satisfactory life of Burghley has yet appeared; some valuable anonymous notes, probably by Burghley's servant Francis Alford, were printed in Peck's Desiderata Curiesa (1732), i.

Amongst the more important desiderata are: r.

The impulse given to the study of natural history by the example of Linnaeus; the results brought back by Sir Joseph Banks, Dr Solander and the two Forsters, who accompanied Cook in his voyages of discovery; the studies of De Saussure in the Alps, and the lists of desiderata in physical geography drawn up by that investigator, combined to ' Printed in Schriften zur physischen Geographie, vol.

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But the story, even as told by his biographer (Peck, Desiderata Curiosa, 1.

Desiderius, whose daughter Bertha or Desiderata Charles, despite the pope, had married at the instance of his mother Bertrade, supported the rights of Carlomans sons, and threatened Pope Adrian in Rome itself after he had despoiled him of Pippins territorial gift.