Sentence Examples with the word deservedly

Special reference is deservedly made to three works of the highest value.

Tried by this standard, Livy deservedly won and held a place in the very first rank.

The federal executive was certainly much more efficient than that of the Achaeans, and its councils suffered less from disunion; but its generals and admirals, official or otherwise, enjoyed undue licence; hence the league deservedly gained an evil name for the numerous acts of lawlessness or violence which its troops committed.

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He was a man of wide literary, historical and artistic culture, a Dante student, and the author of several books and articles on social questions, the conditions of Sicily, foreign affairs, etc.; his Lettere dall'Albania are deservedly appreciated, and his geographical studies led to his being elected president of the Italian geographical society.

Two supplementary parts were issued in 1835 and 1840 respectively, and the work for many years deservedly maintained the highest position as the authority on European ornithology-indeed in England it may almost without exaggeration be said to have been nearly the only foreign ornithological work known; but, as could only be expected, grave defects are now to be discovered in it.

He was accurate in learning, and effective in delivery, and his character stood deservedly high in general estimation.

Ormonde, whose wife had been allowed by Cromwell's clemency to make him some remittances from the wreck of his estate, was largely and deservedly rewarded.

The series of concerts given annually in the Gewandhaus is also of world-wide reputation, and the operatic stage of Leipzig is deservedly ranked among the finest in Germany.

Rhazes is deservedly remembered as having first described small-pox and measles in an accurate manner.

The Taff, the Nedd (with its tributaries the Hepste and the Mellte) and the Tawe, all rise on the south of the Beacon range, and passing through Glamorganshire, flow into the Bristol Channel, the upper reaches of the Nedd and its tributaries in the Vale of Neath being deservedly famous for its scenery.