Sentence Examples with the word deserved

Look, if she did go and do something rash, we both know the jerk deserved it.

Those demons Sasha killed really deserved it.

Moreover, the very prosaic and artificial verse of Sturla and the last of the old school deserved the oblivion which came over them, as a casual perusal of the stanzas scattered through Islendinga will prove.

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Abner was indignant at the deserved rebuke, and immediately opened negotiatons with David, who welcomed him on the condition that his wife Michal should be restored to him.

I'd never killed an adult before tonight but he deserved to die.

Almost the only American scientist of his day, he displayed remarkably deep as well as remarkably varied abilities in science and deserved the honours enthusiastically given him by the savants of Europe.

He'd fucked over both the women in his life, and neither deserved it.

On the 13th of June it voted that the city of Paris had deserved well of the country, and ordered the imprisonment of the detained deputies, the filling up of their places in the Assembly by their sup pleants, and the initiation of vigorous measures against the movement in the provinces.

He deserved an honest answer about her response.

He well deserved the surname of Le Bon, by which he is known to posterity.