Sentence Examples with the word descriptive

Elements of race-consciousness help to shape the outlook on nature or life: and slight differences of linguistic use in the coining of descriptive terms sometimes lead to the multiplication of divine forms. Exacter observation of nature; closer attention to its contrasts of life and death, or light and darkness, or male and 9 Cf.

It may be mentioned that in the time of Justinian the word hesychast was applied to monks in general simply as descriptive of the quiet and contemplative character of their pursuits.

Avery, Cleveland in a Nutshell: An Historical and Descriptive Readyreference Book (Cleveland, 1893); James H.

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Thomson, Sound (5th ed., 1909), contains a descriptive account of the chief phenomena, and an elementary mathematical treatment.

Emil Abranyi adopts a rather romantic style, but his Nagypentek (Good Friday) is an excellent descriptive sketch.

A portion of the original Holland was submerged by a great inundation in 1421, and its modern appellation of Biesbosch (reed-forest) is descriptive of what must have been the condition of the entire district in early times.

His characteristics in his prose fiction and descriptive work are not very different from those of his poetry.

The form of the leaf shows a very great variety ranging from the narrow linear form with parallel sides, as in grasses or the needle-like leaves of pines and firs to more or less rounded or orbicular - descriptions of these will be found in works on descriptive botany - FIG.

In this connexion he divided the communication of experience from one person to another into two categories - the narrative or historical and the descriptive or geographical; both history and geography being viewed as descriptions, the former a description in order of time, the latter a description in order of space.

Acus, needle, or acer, sharp), needleshaped, a term used in botany (since Linnaeus) as descriptive of the leaves, e.g., of pines.