Sentence Examples with the word derivable

As already intimated, our knowledge of palaeometeorology, or of past climates, is derivable chiefly from fossils.

It seems therefore consonant alike with prudence and reverence to refrain from attempting to combine afresh into a single picture the materials derivable from the various documents, and to endeavour instead to describe the main contents of the sources from which our knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ as an historical personage is ultimately drawn, and to observe the picture of Him which each writer in turn has offered to us.

The additional information as to the poet's life and circumstances derivable from the satires themselves is not important.

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Before we discuss these three documents we shall mention other members of this literature, which, though derivable ultimately from Jewish sources, are Christian in their present form.

With regard to the first question no satisfactory proof has as yet been given that Saccharomycetes are derivable by culture from any higher form, the recent statements to that effect not having been confirmed.

Many attributes, too, were predicable, even to the end, in an external and accidental way, not being derivable from the essence of the subject.

Easily derivable from this method is the other one characteristic of T.

In the years immediately following he devoted considerable attention to the construction of a logical machine, exhibited before the Royal Society in 1870, by means of which the conclusion derivable from any given set of premisses could be mechanically obtained.

Thus Basilides assumed the existence of two principles, not derivable from each other: Light and Darkness.

Benzene is of exceptional importance commercially on account of the many compounds derivable from it, which are exceedingly valuable in the arts.