Sentence Examples with the word depress

The signals must therefore be sent at regular intervals, and to ensure this being done correctly a telephone or time-tapper is provided at each keyboard to warn the operator of the correct moment to depress his keys.

They all depress the conducting power and the grey matter of the spinal cord, and to a much less extent that of the brain.

All that the gentry could do was to depress the lower orders, and this they did at every opportunity.

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All potassium salts if taken in large doses are cardiac depressants, they also depress the nervous system, especially the brain and spinal cord.

Aconite is indicated for internal administration whenever it is desirable to depress the action of the heart in the course of a fever.

As it does not depress the heart when used in medicinal doses, it may be given to patients suffering from cardiac disease.

VcipKf, numbness) are those which besides producing sleep may in large doses depress the functions of respiration and circulation.

Of the three bromides in common use the potassium salt is the most rapid and certain in its action, but may depress the heart in morbid states of that organ; in such cases the sodium salt - of which the base is inert - may be employed.

They also all of them claimed, under the concordat, exemption from taxes; and, since many of them indulged in commercial and industrial pursuits, they competed unfairly with other traders and manufacturers, and tended to depress the labor market.

Buchanan, which has an arbitrary scale and can be varied in weight by placing small metal rings on the stem so as to depress the scale to any desired depth in sea-water of any salinity, the specific gravity being calculated for each reading by dividing the total weight by the immersed volume; (3) the total immersion areometer, which has no scale and the weight of which can be adjusted so that the instrument can be brought so exactly to the specific gravity of the water sample that it remains immersed, neither floating nor sinking; this has the advantage of 'eliminating the effects of surface tension and in Fridtjof Nansen's pattern is capable of great precision.