Sentence Examples with the word depreciating

It has been pointed out that this accords well with the Jesuit policy of depreciating the royal while exalting the papal prerogative.

The tubers frequently show scurfy or scab-like spots upon their surface, thus greatly depreciating their value for market purposes.

Aneau pointed out the obvious inconsistency of inculcating imitation of the ancients and depreciating native poets in a work professing to be a defence of the French language.

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At Athens a low variety of the unit was adopted for the coinage, true to the object of Solon in depreciating debts; and the first coinage is of only 65.2, or scarcely within the range of the trade weights (28); this seems to have been felt, as, contrary to all other states, Athens slowly increased its coin weight up to 66.6, or but little under the trade average.

Pliny disliked doctors, and lost no opportunity of depreciating regular medicine; nevertheless he has left many quotations from, and many details about, medical authors which are of the highest value.