Sentence Examples with the word depravity

The lunacy of her father and the depravity of her mother were serious drawbacks to Catherine, and her only education was obtained in a convent at Poissy.

The first three represent the spirit of their age by exhibiting the power of the Stoic philosophy as a moral, political and religious force; the last is the most cynical exponent of the depravity of the time.

This was the kind of man whose depravity Darkyn preyed on.

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Hence depravity and corruption, diffused through all parts of the soul, attach to all men, and this first makes them obnoxious to the anger of God, and then comes forth in works which the Scripture calls works of the flesh (Gal.

Thousands of years of Czerno's depravity threatened to consume him.

Even the churches which trace their descent from Calvin's work and faith no longer hold in their entirety his views on the magistrate as the preserver of church purity, the utter depravity of human nature, the non-human character of the Bible, the dealing of God with man.

Richard Baxter, who was elected by the townsfolk as their minister in 1641, was instrumental in saving the town from a reputation of ignorance and depravity caused by the laxity of their clergy.

I've assessed that you are vulnerable to the deception and depravity of others.

It is very doubtful whether Hosea's allusion to the depravity of Gibeah (ix.

The more freewill Fate allows, the more depravity is created to feed the Dark One.