Sentence Examples with the word deployment

On the 26th of September, its deployment beyond the mountains was complete, and as Napoleon did not know of Mack's intention to stay at Ulm and had learned that the Russian advance had been delayed, he directed his columns by the following roads on the Danube, between Donauworth and Ingolstadt, so as to be in a position to intervene between the Austrians and the Russians and beat both in detail.

So difficult was the country and so imperfect the liaisons that it was not till the 2gth that the deployment of the I., II.

The deployment completed, about 4 p.m.

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By the time (5.3 0) it had sufficiently cleared this village it became apparent that the 4th brigade in its extension for attack would overlap the front assigned to the and, hence a further (half-left) wheel, still in mass, had to be undertaken before room for deployment could be obtained.

The direction of the Prussian railways, not laid out primarily for strategic purposes, conditioned the first deployment of the whole army, with the result that at first the Prussians were distributed in three main groups or armies on a front of about 250 m.

A chain of forts to the eastward is designed to facilitate the deployment of an army, concentrated within the fortified region, towards the Belgian frontier.

But in forests and snowdrifts the French made such slow progress that no sufficient deployment could be made until darkness put a stop to the fighting.

Gustavus's hopes of an early decision were frustrated by the fog, which delayed the approach and deployment of the Swedes.

Serbia, submitting rather than agreeing, redistributed her forces, and the strategic deployment and order of battle actually carried out was as follows: - Commander-in-chief, King Peter Chief of the general staff, Gen.