Sentence Examples with the word deplorable

Cobden had spoken with great fervour of the deplorable suffering and distress which at that time prevailed in the country, for which, he added, he held Sir Robert Peel, as the head of the government, responsible.

At the beginning of Henrys reigh the church all over Europe was in a deplorable condition.

I decided that there was no reason, except my deplorable ignorance of the great facts that underlie our physical existence.

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Still this partial divorce of himself from the record of the social and scientific activity of his time, though it may save a thinker from the deplorable evils of dispersion, moral and intellectual, accounts in no small measure for the exaggerated egoism, and the absence of all feeling for reality, which marked Comte's later days.

The style found no imitator; history passed from Greece to Rome in the guise of rhetoric. In Dionysius of Halicarnassus the rhetoric was combined with an extensive study of the sources; but the influence of the Greek rhetoricians upon Roman prose was deplorable from the standpoint of science.

At Wittstock; and Saxony, ravaged impartially by both sides,, was soon in a deplorable condition.

Finance was in a deplorable state, and as controller-general he formulated a new fiscal policy, consisting of neither fresh taxation nor loans,but of retrenchment.

The deplorable physical condition of Alexius's immediate successor, Theodore III.

All around the coast the diminution in the numbers of the remaining species of terns is no less deplorable than demonstrable.

These deplorable results were, of course, not universally produced; there were admirable exceptions both among masters and among slaves - instances of benevolent protection on the one side and of unselfish devotion on the other; but the evil effects without doubt greatly preponderated.