Sentence Examples with the word dependency

He had created her dependency on his judgment and now it was up to him to make sure she learned to defend herself.

Its condition encouraged the Burmese to depose the rajah, and to make Assam a dependency of Ava.

Later the Kulja territory became a dependency of Dzungaria.

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New Sweden thus passed into the control of the Dutch, and became a dependency of New Netherland.

The second question he answered from his parallelistic metaphysics by deducing that even within the organism there is only a constant dependency of sensation on nervous process without causation, because the nervous process is physical but the sensation psychical.

It was the capital of the province of Bugey, which was a dependency of Savoy till 1601, when it was ceded to France.

The relations of the British with Bhutan commenced in 1772, when the Bhutias invaded the principality of Kuch Behar, a dependency of Bengal.

Sokotra is regarded as a dependency of Aden, but native rule is maintained, the local governor or viceroy of the sultan of Kishin being a member of that chief's family, and also styled sultan.

He assembled the Cortes of the kingdom at Lamego, where he received the crown from the archbishop of Braganza; the assembly also declaring that Portugal was no longer a dependency of Leon.

From that time Palaeopolis totally disappeared from history, and Neapolis became an allied city (foederata civitas) - a dependency of Rome, to whose alliance it remained constantly faithful, even in the most trying circumstances.