Sentence Examples with the word dependencies

The United States of America and the great colonial dependencies follow generally the English way of using the beverage.

All dependencies and colonies, including Prussia and Livonia, were to belong to Poland and Lithuania in common.

The total population of the dependencies of Mauritius was estimated in 1905 at 5400.

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Along with these, similarly, hornblende and diabase occur in the Pelew Islands and gneiss and mica 1 These are dependencies of New Zealand, as are also the following islands and groups which lie apart from the main Polynesian clusters, nearer New Zealand itself: Antipodes Islands, Auckland Islands, Bounty Islands, Campbell Islands, Chatham Islands, Kermadec Islands.

Formally erected into a province the whole territory from the west side of the Connecticut river to the east side of Delaware Bay together with all of Long Island and a few other dependencies of minor importance, and granted it to his brother James, the duke of York and Albany, as its lord proprietor.

Willoughby, Territories and Dependencies (ibid., 1905) and S.

The greatest of these tombs with its dependencies covered a space of over 3000 square yards.

The United States' possessions (once dependencies of Puerto Rico, but ceded by Spain in 1898) have an area of about 150 sq.

As early as the nth century the Novgorodians had occasionally penetrated into Siberia; but the fall of the republic and the loss of its north-eastern dependencies checked the advance of the Russians across the Urals.

Amsterdam and St Paul, uninhabited islands in the South Indian Ocean, included in an official list of the dependencies of Mauritius drawn up in 1880, were in 1893 annexed by France.