Sentence Examples with the word depend

Thorell's classification (1859) of Gnathostonta, Poecilostoma, Siphonostoma, based on the mouth-organs, was long followed, though almost at the outset shown by Claus to depend on the erroneous supposition that the Poecilostoma were devoid of mandibles.

Its medicinal uses depend on the contained benzoic acid.

P. 467) collated some measurements of deflection taken during official trials of Indian bridges, and found the increment of deflection due to impact to depend on the ratio of dead to live load.

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Though Boris had come intentionally to speak of his love and therefore meant to be tender, he began speaking irritably of feminine inconstancy, of how easily women can turn from sadness to joy, and how their moods depend solely on who happens to be paying court to them.

The different extent of quinqueradiate symmetry in the different classes would thus depend on the period at which they diverged from the sedentary stock.

Half-shade analysers depend upon the facility with which the eye can distinguish slight differences in the intensities of two streams seen in juxtaposition, when the illumination is not too bright.

Many edible fungi depend upon minute and often obscure botanical characters for their determination, and may readily be confounded with worthless or poisonous species; but that is not the case with the common mushroom, for, although several other species of Agaricus somewhat closely approach it in form and colour, yet the true mushroom, if sound and freshly gathered, may be distinguished from all other fungi with great ease.

The methods of manufacture of steel by cementation, case-hardening and the Harvey process are important operations which appear to depend on the diffusion of the carburetting material into the solid metal.

When a naval battle was in progress, it would depend for its manoeuvring on the rowers.

The ultimate value of numerical inquiries must depend on the equivalence of the units on which they are based.