Sentence Examples with the word departing

At a little distance from the palace we might easily mistake it for a mountain whose peaks were mounting heavenward to receive the last kiss of the departing day.

One of its episodes, the farewell song of the prince departing into the forest, has since become one of the most widespread popular songs.

This judgment is the more interesting as being in distinct conflict with the opinion of the bishop of Rome - Leo - who, departing from the policy of his predecessor Celestine, had written very strongly to Flavian in support of the doctrine of the two natures and one person.

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She reviewed the departing regiments; she entertained the wives and children of the Windsor soldiers who had gone to the war; she showed by frequent messages her watchful interest in the course of the campaign and in the efforts which were being made throughout the whole empire; and her Christmas gift of a box of chocolate to every soldier in South Africa was a touching proof of her sympathy and interest.

She scolded and preached a crusade, without, however, departing from the steady pursuit of her own interests in Poland, while endeavouring with transparent cunning to push Austria and Prussia into an invasion of France with all their forces.

Mill in his Logic pointed out this defect, and without departing from Baconian principles remedied it by quoting scientific examples, in which deduction, starting from inductive principles, applies more general to less general universals, e.g.

On the one hand, conservative scholars insist upon the close material relation between the constituent sources; critical scholars, on the other hand, while recognizing much that is relatively untrustworthy, refrain from departing from the general outlines of the canonical history more than is absolutely necessary.

Dean rushed to her side, just as Donald Ryland came out of his room, in time to catch a glance at the departing man who turned and strolled down the stairs to the street.

There were several small vehicles, several more men with donkeys, and a slew of boats departing the harbor for the morning catch.

Cynthia glanced at her husband, a troubled look on her face as if to express her continued concern over the departing woman.