Sentence Examples with the word dentition

In the wombats (Phascolomys) the dentition is i.

From this point of view the various adaptive modifications of mammalian dentition may be roughly grouped under the headings of piscivorous, carnivorous, insectivorous, omnivorous and herbivorous.

Elachistodonidae.- Represented by Elachistodon westermanni of Bengal, with the same peculiar dentition and with sharp hypapophyses on the vertebrae of the lower neck, as described of Dasypeltis (see above).

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In the dolphins the teeth form simple cones, but in the seals they are often trident-like; while in the otters the dentition differs but little from the ordinary carnivorous type.

The dentition in the adult is i.

In this generalized form of mammalian dentition the total number of teeth present is 44, or II above and II below on each side.

The largest representative of the family is the Tasmanian wolf,' or thylacine, alone representing the genus Thylacinus, in which the dentition numbers i.

The upper premolar and molar teeth are not alike, the former being single and the latter two-lobed; and the last lower molar of both first and second dentition is almost invariably threelobed.

These facts militate strongly against the importance which was once attached to the dentition in the classification of the tailless batrachians.

Colias, and well characterized by their dentition and coloration.