Sentence Examples with the word densely

The Suceava department (named after Suceava or Suciava, its former capital, now Suczawa in Bukowina) is densely forested; its considerable timber trade centres in Falticheni.

The great Alfold and the western districts are the most densely populated parts, whereas the northern and eastern mountainous counties are sparsely inhabited.

From the notices of early travellers it appears that Mergui, when under Siamese rule, before it passed to the Burmese, was a rich and densely peopled country.

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Even the vast forest of Middlesex, with its densely wooded thickets, its coverts of game, stags, fallow deer, boars and wild bulls is pressed into the description to give a contrast which shall enhance the beauty of the city itself.

Behind Eshowe, in the south, are the Entumeni Hills (3000 ft.), beyond which stretch the Nkandhla uplands (rising to 4500 ft.) densely wooded in parts and abounding in flat-topped hills with precipitous sides.

These hills are densely clothed to their summits with an exuberant growth of olives, figs, myrtles, laurels, oranges, aloes, vines and other sub-tropical plants.

This region, very fertile in the valleys and enjoying a cooler and damper climate than the lower plains, is densely populated, and agriculture and cattle-breeding are carried on extensively.

The maps of the more densely peopled parts of the Union are published on a scale of 1: 62,500, and those of the remainder of the country on half or a quarter of that scale.

If the troops halt for several days, of course they require either a more densely populated country from which to requisition supplies, or a wider area of cantonments.

The small flowers are densely crowded on thick fleshy spikes, which are associated with, and often more or less enveloped by, a large leaf (bract), the so-called spathe, which, as in cuckoo-pint, where it is green in colour, Richardia, where it is white, creamy or yellow, Anthurium, where it is a brilliant scarlet, is often the most striking feature of the plant.