Sentence Examples with the word denominational

Under the act of 1898 they are trained either in the state training-colleges, or in state-aided municipal, and private denominational colleges; or else by means of state or private state-aided courses of instruction.

In 1909 a Chaplains' Department of the Territorial Force was formed; there is no denominational restriction.

Among the private and denominational colleges in Kentucky are Central University (Presbyterian), at Danville; Transylvania University, at Lexington; Georgetown College (Baptist) at Georgetown; Kentucky Wesleyan College (M.E.

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He was the first (1847) to urge the necessity of a Universalist denominational college, and this did much towards the establishment of Tufts.

As the chief representative of the Church of England in the House of Lords, his firmness, combined with broadmindedness, in regard to the attitude of the nonconformists towards denominational education, made his influence widely felt.

In 1889 the state recognized private denominational schools, and in 1900 passed a law of compulsory attendance.

After a period of stress and uncertainty, due very largely to the variety of denominational creed and polity, matters assumed an easier condition, the missionaries recognizing the national characteristics and aiming at guidance rather than control.

Into this movement he threw himself with militant ardour, his own goods being distrained upon, with those of numerous other Nonconformists, rather than that any contribution should be made by them in taxation for the purpose of an Education Act which in their opinion was calculated to support denominational religious teaching in the schools.

In 1751 the Charleston Association was formed, also on the model of the Philadelphia, and proved an element of denominational strength.

Several denominational colleges, receiving no government aid, do the same work in a greater or less degree, the best known being St Aidan's (Roman Catholic) College and Kingswood (Wesleyan) College, both at Graham's Town.