Sentence Examples with the word demonstrative

Also adjectives and demonstrative pronouns have their places after the noun.

Synthesis is demonstrative and complete.

If only she would think to be a little more demonstrative more often.

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He maintained alike the claim of demonstrative science with its generalities for the few who could live in that ethereal world, and the claim of religion for all - the common life of each soul as an individual and personal consciousness.

It is based on Descartes' fundamental principle that knowledge must be clear, and seeks to give to philosophy the certainty and demonstrative character of mathematics, from the a priori principle of which all its claims are derived.

What Aristotle did for the theory of demonstrative reasoning, Hegel attempted to do for the whole of human knowledge.

In this way the Presocratics and Sophists, and still more Socrates and Plato, threw out hints on sense and reason, on inferential processes and scientific methods which may be called anticipations of logic. But Aristotle was the first to conceive of reasoning itself as a definite subject of a special science, which he called analytics or analytic science, specially designed to analyse syllogism and especially demonstrative syllogism, or science, and to be in fact a science of sciences.

Aristotle also uses the term for the science of probable reasoning as opposed to demonstrative reasoning (a7robECKTCK?7).

The ideal of science or demonstrative knowledge is to exhibit as flowing from the definitions and postulates of a science, from its special principles, by the help only of axioms or principles common to all knowledge, and these not as premises but as guiding rules, all the properties of the subject-matter, i.e.

Now in modern philosophy the first and greatest demonstrative system of metaphysic is that of Spinoza, and it lay in the nature of things that upon Spinoza's system Jacobi should first direct his criticism.