Sentence Examples with the word demonstrable

His great plea for toleration is based on the impossibility of erecting theology into a demonstrable science.

Yet not only were the latter an independent invention, but it is almost demonstrable that the nakshatras, in their more recent organization, were, as far as possible, assimilated to them.

It is demonstrable by various passages in the works and letters that he never looked upon the Wissenschaftslehre as containing the whole system; it is clear from the chronology of his writings that the modifications supposed to be due to other thinkers were from the first implicit in his theory; and if one fairly traces the course of thought in the early writings, one can see how he was inevitably led on to the statement of the later and, at first sight, divergent views.

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It was reserved for Charles Darwin, in the year 1859, to place the whole theory of organic evolution on a new footing, and by his discovery of a mechanical cause actually existing and demonstrable by which organic evolution doctrine must be brought about, entirely to change the attitude in regard to it of even the most rigid exponents of the scientific method.

An ocular segment claimed by the former division is not present or in no case demonstrable in the latter.

He argues in the first book against the innateness of our knowledge of God and of morality; yet in the fourth book he finds that the existence of God is demonstrable, being supported by causal necessity, without which there can be no knowledge; and he also maintains that morality is as demonstrable as pure mathematics.

All such plants agree in reducing transpiration to zero during the unfavourable season, although few or no xerophytic characters may be demonstrable during the period favorable to growth.

The Kantian categories are, indeed, demonstrable and true, but their application to the given is meaningless and unthinkable.

Our knowledge under Locke's fourth category of relations - real existence - includes (a) intuitive perceptions of our own existence; Real exist- (b) demonstrable certainty of the existence of God; and.

In one form or another such a theory of human descent has in our time become part of an accepted framework of zoology, if not as a demonstrable truth, at any rate as a working hypothesis which has no effective rival.