Sentence Examples with the word demon

He found the five who reported the demon interactions with ease.

She didn't fully understand the demon senses that Darkyn indicated were part of her now.

Another way in which a demon is held to cause disease is by introducing itself into the patient's body and sucking his blood; the Malays believe that a woman who dies in childbirth becomes a langsuir and sucks the blood of children; victims of the lycanthrope are sometimes said to be done to death in the same way; and it is commonly believed in Africa that the wizard has the power of killing people in this way, probably with the aid of a familiar.

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No demon can waltz into the middle of my stronghold without being chopped to pieces.

The demon lord tore the plane between the two.

After the demon healed his legs, he threw himself from the Western Cliffs.

The demon lord stared down at her.

There he continued the struggle for his side in a humorous work, in which the partisans of the council are amusingly taken to task by the demon Leviathan.

Since you are demon now, there is pleasure in it for you.

Darkness clung to the book, as if its pages contained traces of the demon itself.