Sentence Examples with the word demolition

The setting up in 1895 in the market-place in Altdorf of a fine statue (by the Swiss sculptor Richard Kissling) of Tell and his son, and the opening in 1899 just outside Altdorf of a permanent theatre, wherein Schiller's play is to be represented every Sunday during the summer months, show that the popular belief in the Tell legend is still strong, despite its utter demolition at the hands of a succession of scientific Swiss historians during the 19th century.

Among the most picturesque features of Scottish sea-cliffs are the numerous stacks or columns of rock which during the demolition and cuttingback of the precipices have been isolated and left standing amidst the waves.

The demolition company (C Company of seamen) had got ashore under Lt.-Comm.

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The ancient farmhouse needed repair - or a demolition crew.

Considerable sections of the ancient walls and moat still remain, though the demolition of portions to meet the exigencies of modern traffic and expansion has somewhat destroyed its quaint medieval character.

The rejection of one of those conditions - the demolition of the fortifications of Corfu - led to a new prorogation; but none the less (on March 29, 1864) the plenipotentiaries of the five great powers signed the treaty by which the protectorate was brought to a close.

He took part in the expedition to Kinburn, and then returned to Sevastopol to superintend a portion of the demolition of the Russian dockyard.

Since the demolition of its fortifications in 1807, it has been defended only by some small forts.

The progress of inductive knowledge is by the formation of successive hypotheses, and it frequently happens that the demolition of one or even many hypotheses is the direct road to a new and accurate hypothesis, i.e.

Another cave more to the west was revealed by the demolition of the bastion of Odysseus.