Sentence Examples with the word democracy

And not everyone thinks that shareholder democracy is in such a bad way.

Leon was identified with the interests of the democracy of Nicaragua, Granada with the clerical and aristocratic parties.

The network aims to deepen democracy through greater citizen participation in local governance.

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The only speech made by him during his three years in parliament that was listened to with impatience was, curiously enough, his speech in favour of counteracting democracy by providing for the representation of minorities.

And, unless that happens, policies to tackle poverty and revitalize democracy will not succeed.

In contrast to both of these, which in different ways express the principle of clerical or official authority, Congregationalism represents the principle of democracy in religion.

This view, however, cannot be taken of the early stages of the war when there was democracy and oligarchy on both sides (see ad fin.); it is only in the later stages that the political difference is prominent.

The democracy of Australia is very similar to the democracy of the United States.

It was the antithesis of accountable parliamentary democracy invented by the British over 700 years ago.

But this form of pure democracy was in various cases long since inevitably abandoned: by Boston reluctantly in 1822, and subsequently by many other townships or cities, as growing population made action in town meeting unbearably cumbersome.