Sentence Examples with the word demise

The primate, on hearing of the demise of the Crown, at once invited all the senators of Great Poland to a conference at Lowicz, but passed over the szlachta altogether.

From the Fijian and Andaman islander who exhibits abject terror at seeing himself in a glass or in water, to the English or European peasant who covers up the mirrors or turns them to the wall, upon a death occurring, lest an inmate of the house should see his own face and have his own speedy demise thus prognosticated, the idea holds its ground.

Cynthia rushed into the room, the notebook still in hand, and with Martha, hovered over the pending demise of the trembling rodent.

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The QfJicial Gazette did not announce that fact until three months after the demise of the sovereign.

Surely some would have devoted a life to science, dissecting the Mayan language or the searching out demise of the Anasazi Empire.

A provisional draft of a treaty had already been drawn up before the demise of Frederick Henry, and afterwards, despite the strenuous opposition of the new prince of Orange (who, under the Acte de Survivance, had inherited all his father's offices and dignities) and of two of the provinces, Zeeland and Utrecht, the negotiations were by the powerful support of the States of Holland and of the majority of the States-General, quickly brought to a successful issue.

She wasn't willing to consider it, not when there was the issue of her pending demise between here and there.

The additional possibility of access to all humans' Digital Echoes, to be studied for a million unnoticed causal correlations, will hasten the demise of disease as well and will increase quality of life and longevity.

The elections held on the demise of the Crown resulted in a partial victory for the Caps, especially among the 1771- lower orders; but in the estate of the peasants 1792.

The reigning duke, John William, was childless and insane, and several princes were only waiting for his demise in order to seize his lands.