Sentence Examples with the word demagogue

Aesop must have received his freedom from Iadmon, or he could not have conducted the public defence of a certain Samian demagogue (Aristotle, Rhetoric, ii.

We see at Athens strong signs of social distinctions, even at a late period of the democracy; we see that, though the people might be led by the low-born demagogue - using that word in its strict and not necessarily dishonourable meaning - their votes most commonly fell on men of ancient descent.

The sensational school quite naturally produced the demagogic party, and the theological school became quite as naturally absolutism, safe to borrow from time to time the mask of the demagogue in order the better to reach its ends, as in philosophy it is by scepticism that it undertakes to restore theocracy.

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But a patrician demagogue who ended by becoming a tyrant to patricians as well as plebeians.

Papineau, The Most Insistent Demagogue Of 1837, Must Certainly Be Named Among The Founders, For The Sake Of Speeches Which Came Before Written Works Both In Point Of Time And Popular Esteem.

Athenagoras, the demagogue or opposition speaker, has an excellent exposition of democratic principles put into his mouth by Thucydides (vi.

To these experiences, too, we may partly ascribe the reverence for law, for the rights of property, and for the monarchical form of government which he appears to have sincerely felt; and, demagogue as he became in a certain sense, they gave his mind a deep Conservative tinge.

Led by the great demagogue dictator, Jacob van Artevelde, they became the mainstay of the English party in the Netherlands.

In 1877-1878 Denis Kearney (1847-1907), an Irish drayman and demagogue of considerable force and daring, headed the discontented.