Sentence Examples with the word deluge

External evidence, which recognizes no universal deluge and no dispersal of mankind in the third millennium B.C., throws its own light upon the opening centuries of the second.

The text of this Deluge fragment also furnishes one more proof of the existence of parallel versions of the same legend.

To the latter part of this period Professor Hilprecht would' assign the new Deluge fragment.

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Among his sermons preached before his ordination, which was not till the 23rd of December 1660, were the famous discourses on The Wisdom of God in the Creation, and on the Chaos, Deluge and Dissolution of the World.

The deluge was tradi- Aquarius.

In a sky world, peopled by corporeal beings, as well as by spirits of the dead; the latter may even be entirely absent; the mythology of the Australians relates largely to corporeal, non-spiritual beings; stories of transformation, deluge and doom myths, or myths of the origin of death, have not necessarily any animistic basis.

But he was a profoundly interested observer of affairs at home and among 1 The Assyrian term abubu is used of the great primeval deluge (in the Gilgamesh epic), and also of the local floods common in the country.

That deluge of fire was worth seeing.

Mencius held that the composition of the Ch'un Ch'iu was as great a work as Yu's regulation of the waters of the deluge with which the Shu King commences, and did for the face of society what the earlier labour did for the face of nature.

The resumption of agricultural labours after the deluge was commemorated in the twelfth month, and a mystical association of the fishes, which were its Pisces.