Sentence Examples with the word deliverer

To the native Egyptians Alexander appeared as a deliverer from the Persian tyranny, and he sacrificed piously to the gods of Memphis.

He could not profess to be, as the count of Sicily could honestly profess to be, a deliverer to a large part of the people of the land.

He was hailed as the deliverer and father of his country, and all manner of distinctions and congratulations were heaped upon him.

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Strange to say, as Syracuse fell in the reign of Basil the Macedonian, the Saracen occupation was completed in the reign of Nikephoros Phokas (Nicephorus Phocas), the deliverer of Crete.

Mehemet Alis great strength lay in the devotion of the citizens of Cairo, who looked on him as a deliverer from their afflictions; and great numbers armed themselves, advising constantly with Mehemet Ali, having the sayyid Omar and the sheiks at their head, and guarding the town at night.

The whole Sicilian kingdom became the spoil of a stranger who was no deliverer to any class of its people.

Ioo) clearly reveal the powerful revival of Messianic hopes of a national deliverer of the seed of David.

Petrarch, who in politics was no less visionary than Rienzi, hailed the advent of a founder and deliverer in the self-styled tribune.

On the American side, Greene was hailed as the deliverer of that section.

The lands were resumed by the English parliament, less perhaps from a sense of justice than from a desire to humiliate the deliverer of England, and were resold to the highest bidder.