Sentence Examples with the word delightful

Last Saturday our kind teachers planned a delightful trip to Bedloe's Island to see Bartholdi's great statue of Liberty enlightening the world....

Here in Dr. Bell's laboratory, or in the fields on the shore of the great Bras d'Or, I have spent many delightful hours listening to what he had to tell me about his experiments, and helping him fly kites by means of which he expects to discover the laws that shall govern the future air-ship.

Ems is one of the most delightful and fashionable watering-places of Europe.

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Here in summer, and in the town during winter, Rousseau led a delightful life, which he has delightfully described.

Above sea-level on a plateau between the Great Savage and Dans mountains, and its delightful scenery and air have made it attractive as a summer resort.

The village, which is connected by stage with the station, is situated at the junction of two valleys and commands delightful views of mountain scenery.

An exception must be made in the case of the delightful Hamilton's Bawn, and still more of the verses on his own death (1731), one of the most powerful and also one of the saddest of his poems. In The Legion Club of 1736 he composed the fiercest of all his verse satires.

It had been a delightful discovery on their wedding night when she had been frightened and unsure.

The sweetness and purity of his nature combined with his brilliant conversational powers to render him the most delightful of friends and companions.

The oldest is that on Brooklyn (or Columbia) Heights, west of City Hall Park, rising abruptly from the river to a height of from 70 to ioo ft., and commanding a delightful view of the harbour.