Sentence Examples with the word delighted

The university pulpit, indeed, was closed to him, but several congregations in London delighted in his sermons, and from 1866 until the year of his death he preached annually in Westminster Abbey, where Stanley had become dean in 1863.

Teacher says it was a day-dream, and she thinks you would be delighted to hear it.

He delighted in the society of scholars - Alcuin, Angilbert, Paul the Lombard, Peter of Pisa and others, and in this company the trappings of rank were laid aside and the emperor was known simply as David.

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My parents were delighted to hear me speak, and I was overjoyed to give them such a happy surprise.

But though the green palmy cliffs of the land soon loomed on the starboard bow, and with delighted nostrils the fresh cinnamon was snuffed in the air, yet not a single jet was descried.

Darian didn't resist, and Damian delighted in the idea that the sound of him breathing meant his brother was truly alive.

My wife will be delighted with it.

She was delighted if he made a mistake, and made him form the letter over several times.

He was delighted that I could pronounce the words so well, and said that he had no difficulty in understanding me.

But as I got deeper into the subject, I became more interested, and the beauty of the language delighted me.