Sentence Examples with the word delicately

For cigar-making the finest and most delicately flavoured qualities of tobacco are generally selected.

They fell delicately one by one, like feathers.

A hundred kinds of date are said to grow at Medina, of which the birni is considered the most wholesome; the halwa and the jalebi are the most delicately flavoured and sell at very high rates; the khulas of El Hasa is also much esteemed.

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This forms the attractive area, and the inner surface of the lid also bears numerous glands, as well as downwardpointing hairs, each with a delicately striated surface (fig.

The delicately carved convex roof, composed of a single block, was surmounted by the tripod.

She delicately plucked the kitten from his hand and cuddled it against her cheek.

Carmen was small and delicately built, but she had spirit.

She replaced the legging and perched delicately on the loveseat beside Katie.

The choir opens into a beautiful cloister, the massive vaulting of which is supported on heavy piers adorned with statuary, between which intervene slender columns arranged in pairs and surmounted by delicately carved capitals.

Deidre delicately wiped her face and stood, stuffed but beyond pleased with her first day as a human.