Sentence Examples with the word deliberative

Bydel, from beodan, to hid), originally a subordinate officer of a court or deliberative assembly, who summoned persons to appear and answer charges against them (see Du Cange, supra tit.

No one can vote till he has been three years in the society; the deliberative voice is not obtained before the eleventh year.

It distinguishes prudence (4poinacs) and wisdom (ao,ia) as the respective virtues of deliberative and scientific reason; and on the whole its account of prudence (cf.

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The only liberty which he admits is a certain power of suspending the deliberative process and determining the direction of the intellect.

They were supported by a deliberative assembly, called credenza, chosen from the more distinguished citizens.

The conseil prive is a deliberative body under the presidency of the lieutenant-governor, composed of colonial officials together with two native members.

Although the management of local affairs is in the hands of the prefect his power with regard to these is checked by a deliberative body known as the general council (conseil general).

The Venetians resolved to create a deliberative assembly, which should act with greater caution than the concione, which had just landed the state in a ruinous campaign.

In consequence of this affair, the deliberative council was suppressed, but on the 25th of December a fresh proclamation was issued, reconstituting the two divans which had been created by the Turks; the special divan was to consist of 14 persons chosen by lot out of 60 govern.mentnominees, and was to meet daily.

As the only deliberative body in which most Greek communities were represented, its decisions were those of the bulk of the Hellenic people.