Sentence Examples with the word delegating

Attached him as secretary to the council of the Inquisition, delegating to him the conduct of all matters sufficiently important to require the king's signature.

View of these occurrences, Rudini authorized the proclamation of a state of siege at Milan, Florence, Leghorn and Naples, delegating the suppression of disorder to special military commissioners.

The action of the legislature is much restricted by the constitution: a long list of cases is named in which that body is prohibited from passing any local or special laws; it is prohibited from delegating to any special commission power to perform any municipal functions whatever; from making any appropriations for charitable, industrial, educational or benevolent purposes to any person, corporation or community not under the absolute control of the state; and from authorizing the state to contract any debt or obligation in the construction of any railway; or to lend its credit in aid of such railway construction.

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Where it is a case of delegating some part of the supreme authority, as when Seleucus I.