Sentence Examples with the word deism

Yet deism deserves to be remembered as a strenuous protest against bibliolatry in every degree and against all traditionalism in theology.

As the result of these inquiries, he adopted the creed of pure deism and a ritual based upon the system of Zoroaster.

The first deals with mere party questions without sincerity and without depth; and the second, composed as an amusement in retirement without any serious preparation, in their attacks on metaphysics and theology and in their feeble deism present no originality and carry no conviction.

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But deism is not a compact system nor is it the outcome of any one line of philosophical thought.

None the less it is unquestionable that in the period preceding the Revolution the bulk of French thinkers were ultimately deists in various degrees, and that deism was a most potent factor not only in speculative but also in social and political development.

The controversies they had provoked collapsed, and deism became a by-word even amongst those who were in no degree anxious to appear as champions of orthodoxy.

The first specific attack on deism in English was Bishop Stillingfleet's Letter to a Deist (1677).

Carriere identified himself with the school of the younger Fichte as one who held the theistic view of the world which aimed at reconciling the contradictions between deism and pantheism.

The Illumination in Germany and Deism in England were largely responsible for this, though.

But as Locke's philosophy became in France sensationalism, and as Locke's pregnant question, reiterated by Collins, how we know that the divine power might not confer thought on matter, led the way to dogmatic materialism, so deism soon gave way to forms of thought more directly and completely subversive of the traditional theology.