Sentence Examples with the word dehydrated

A still more potent absorption is afforded by calcium prepared in situ by heating a mixture of magnesium dust with thoroughly dehydrated quick-lime.

Lana found herself eating faster than she should have, hungry for real food after ten days of appetite suppressants and the dehydrated staples that she'd stuffed her bag full of.

It crossed her mind that she couldn't get dehydrated in this rain, but she obediently downed some of the water.

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The filtrate is evaporated to dryness (in iron or platinum vessels) and the residue fully dehydrated by gentle ignition.

Since conhydrine is dehydrated by phosphorus pentoxide into a mixture of a and f3 coniceines, it may be considered an oxyconine.

As it descends it reaches a part of the kiln where the temperature is higher; here the carbonic acid of the carbonate of lime, and the combined water of the clay are driven off, and the resulting lime begins to act chemically on the dehydrated clay.

It is then dehydrated and redistilled.

When limonite is dehydrated and deoxidized in the presence of carbonic acid, it may give rise to chalybite.

The aqueous product is then dehydrated with potash or lime.

More than an hour later she was pouring herself a cup of coffee and wondering if a person could get dehydrated from crying.