Sentence Examples with the word deflexion

A ray of light from a lamp is thrown on the mirror, whence it is reflected upon a white surface or scale set at a distance of about 3 ft., forming a bright spot on the surface; the slightest angular deflexion of the mirror, owing to its distance from the scale, moves the spot of light a very appreciable distance to the right or left according to the direction of the angular movement.

Its deflexion was observed by an attached mirror in the usual way.

If there is the slightest displacement of the centre o gravity of the system from the axis of revolution a force acts on th shaft tending to deflect it, and varies as the deflexion and as th square of the speed.

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Thus it is usual, if the magnets are of similar shape, to make the deflected magnet 0.467 of the length of the deflecting magnet, in which case Q is negligible, and thus by means of deflexion experiments at two distances the value of P can be obtained.

The outer terminals of this junction are connected to a galvanometer, and when electric oscillations are sent through the fine wire they cause a deflexion of this galvanometer (fig.

The value of the constants P and Q can be obtained by making deflexion experiments at three distances.

Taking disease to be a deflexion from the line of health, the first requisite of medicine is an extensive and intimate acquaintance with the norm of the body.

When conducting a deflexion experiment the de flecting magnet K is placed with its centre at 30 cm.

By the vibration experiment we obtain the value of the product of the magnetic moment (M) of the magnet into the horizontal component (H), while by the deflexion experiment we can deduce the value of the ratio of M to H, and hence the two combined give both M and H.

At first a considerable current is indicated by the galvanometer; the deflexion soon diminishes, however, and finally becomes very small.