Sentence Examples with the word defining

These may be summarized as follows: - The initial step is the making by the parties of a special agreement clearly defining the subject of the dispute.

This obvious contradiction in terms well illustrates the difficulty of defining in a single formula the system, essentially transitional and meanwhile sui generis, established in the Russian empire since October 1905.

Steps were taken to prevent the occurrence of any further conflicts, and an agreement defining the frontier was signed in January .1895.

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The circle, and two lines (and also two points, the reciprocal of two lines) under the general title conic. The definition of conics as sections of a cone was employed by the Greek geometers as the fundamental principle of their researches in this subject; but the subsequent development of geometrical methods has brought to light many other means for defining these curves.

To these letters he attaches numbers arranged on a principle showing the century to which the MS. belongs and defining its contents more precisely.

This can help in defining the context of your search.

The explanation of the apparent conformity of the strata from the Cambrian to the Pennsylvanian in some parts of the west, with no fossils defining with certainty any horizon between the Ordovician and the Mississippian, is one of the open problems in the geology of the United States.

This may best be answered by defining what we understand by health.

Hence the Posterior Analytics, which is Aristotle's authoritative logic of science, is of peculiar interest because, after beginning by defining science as investigating necessary objects from necessary principles (i.

But it was chiefly through his strenuous advocacy of the policy of defining papal infallibility at the Vatican council (1869-1870) that Manning's name obtained world-wide renown.