Sentence Examples with the word deficient

As It Had Now Been Discovered That The Exact Length Of The Lunation Is A Little More Than Twenty Nine And A Half Days, It Became Necessary To Abandon The Alternate Succession Of Full And Deficient Months; And, In Order To Preserve A More Accurate Correspondence Between The Civil Month And The Lunation, Meton Divided The Cycle Into 125 Full Months Of Thirty Days, And 110 Deficient Months Of Twenty Nine Days Each.

The ethical treatises of the scholars are deficient in substance, while Ficino's attempt to revive Platonism betrays an uncritical conception of his master's drift.

Onias is described - in order to enhance the glory of Joseph - as a man of small intelligence and deficient in wealth.

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These, the grossest and most deficient of all forms, are also divided into ten degrees, each lower than the other.

Even stiff soils deficient in lime are greatly improved in fertility by the addition of marls.

The tree has been naturalized in many warm countries, even in China; in England it seldom attains any large size, as the deficient summer heat prevents the wood from maturing; but trees occur occasionally in plantations 20 or 30 ft.

It has considerable compressive or crushing strength, but is somewhat deficient in shearing strength, and distinctly weak in tensile or pulling strength.

A) seem to imply that Maecenas was deficient in the robustness of fibre characteristic of the average Roman.

Hence it is that the amount of food consumed to produce a given amount of increase in live weight, as well as that required for the sustentation of a given live weight for a given time, should - provided the food be not abnormally deficient in nitrogenous substance - be characteristically dependent on its supplies of digestible and available non-nitrogenous constituents.

The relative inferiority of the wines made at the Cape of Good Hope and in Australia is partly due to variations of climate, the vine not yet having adapted itself to the new conditions, - and partly to the deficient skill of the manufacturers.