Sentence Examples with the word deficiency

But we may supply this deficiency from the Enchiridion Ethicum of Henry More, another thinker of the same school.

Beri-beri is a dietetic deficiency disease which manifests itself by cardiac weakness with shortness of breath, swelling of the legs and peripheral neuritis with numbness of the limbs and weakness.

Of these about three-fourths would be adults; but the population has increased so fast as more than to cover the deficiency - with the disadvantage, however, that in three years 220,000 workers were replaced by 320,000 infants.

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This deficiency must be attributed partly to failing light and an inferior horizon but also to the fact that the ships had had scant opportunity for training and their firecontrol equipment was poor.

Its objects were to relieve agricultural land from half the local rates, and to provide the means of making good out of imperial funds the deficiency in local taxation caused thereby.

This protein deficiency is a key component of reflexes.

For an example of this, consider the case of vitamin A deficiency (VAD).

The reservoir begins to fall at the end of February, and continues to do so with few and short exceptions until the end of August, and it so happens that about the end of August this dotted line, b b representing actual cumulative demand, crosses the straight line a a of uniform demand, so that the excess of demand, represented by the slope from June to September, is balanced by the deficiency of demand, represented by the flatter slope in the first five months, except as regards the small quantity b e near the end of February, which, not having been drawn off during January and February, must overflow before the end of February.

Notwithstanding the primitive condition of agriculture, the deficiency of communications and the damage caused by frequent inundations, Albania furnishes almost the entire corn supply of the Dalmatian coast and islands.

The immediate cause of collapse seems to have been cold, due to the deficiency of oil fuel in the Mount Hooper depot, the reason for which was stated to be evaporation through defective stoppers.